Thank you for your interest in MIDxMIDWST! We are so, so stoked to host our innaugural mural and contemporary arts festival on Sept. 12-13th 2020!

We're new around here, so how about some background: We are a 501c3 nonprofit based in Springfield, MO, founded by native Saint Louis artist Meg Wagler. Unless your from the midwest, we bet you haven't heard of Springfield before, and that's alright. We'll spare you the defense that we're more than a cow tippin town. Instead, we'll show you when you get here. You'll get world class cuisine, high caliber music entertainment, beatiful Ozark trails, boutique hotel stays, hand crafted cocktails and brews galore. With 500k people hanging around, it's big enough to explore and small enough to stay connected. Once you experience SGF, you'll see why we decided to call it home. 


The Skinny: 


We're looking for 8 artists to make our our 2020 roster. We're big believers in supporting local talents and we're also big believeres in connecing with other communities, so we're looking to split our roster with 4 LOCAL ARTISTS (anyone with a 417 area code is considered local) and 4 NON-LOCAL ARTISTS. 

Each artist will be provided wall space to paint within 4 days. You MUST be able to finish your mural within the 4 day time alotted. Each selected artist will be provided hotel stay between Thursday, Sept. 10-Tuesday, Sept.15 (dates subject to change dependent upon travel availability). Artists will have 1 full prep/paint day Friday prior to the festival Satruday-Sunday. During the festival, artists will be expected to paint live in a high-energy environment with music, vendors, and activities taking place around the painting area. There will be 1 wrap day without a live audience on Monday, Sept. 14. 

LIFESPAN OF THE ART: We live in a mid-sized town with lots of cool, old, historic buildings we want to preserve. That means that our paintable wall space is limited. Because we want this to be a recurring annual event, we worked with the city on the following model:
Mural pieces will remain displayed for 1 calendar year. During the mural's lifespan, community members will decide-through social hashtagging-which piece is the crowd favortite. At the end of the calendar year, the crowd favorite will be determined and it's artist will be offered the opporunity to move his or her piece to a permanent location (location TBD). After the calendar year has ended, MXMW will recycle the wall space for the next season of artists. 

We know this model is not everyone's cup of tea. By using this model, we are assuring that our community will continue to host this awesome event each year to lift up new artists, display new work and create the region's largest rotating art gallery. We also recognize the love that communities develop for public art, which is why we are working to find a permanent home each year for the community's favorite piece. We think this approach is the best-of-both-world's and allows us to bring a world-class event to a mid-range city.

WE BELIEVE IN PAYING ARTISTS. Yes it's valuable to get your expenses paid. Yes it's valuable exposure. Yes to community and building eachother up. And YES: artists deserve to be paid for their labor and creative contributions to the economy. Public art makes an impact and at MXMW, we vow to make sure no artist goes unpaid. 

Ready to apply? 


Don't skim through this. Please read all of the following, as we can only consider people who have applied properly.

** Be sure to submit the artist application & payment in your cart to be considered as a full submission**

MXMW 2020 will be taking place Sept.10 - Sept. 15 2020 in Springfield, MO. Daily meals and expenses (including travel) are provided. There will be 4 days of painting to install your mural and a closing party to celebrate!

If selected for the MIDxMIDWST Mural Fest, the following will be provided:

  • Flights to/from Springfield/Branson National Airport 

  • Shared Accommodations

  • 2 Group dinners (opening & closing receptions) at some of SGF’s best restaurants

  • Large scale & high traffic wall to paint any vision you attribute to the following prompt:
    1) Identity  2) Optimisim  3) Create

  • Supplies needed to paint (within reason)

  • Speciality gifts from our sponsors

  • Professional photo & video coverage of the week

  • Lots of social media love

  • Closing party celebration

  • An unforgettable week of artist community with seven other amazing artists

  • And more!

Your commitment if chosen:

  • The ability to be in Springfield, MO between Sept. 9-Sept. 15, 2020 for the whole week (by yourself) 

  • You MUST design two options for your mural (we'll provide specs). We know some of the free style artists out there don't dig this model. We love you, but need to approve what's going up within reason. Don't worry, we're focused on creative liberty, but can't approve work with profanity, nudity, or overtly political agenda

  • You MUST NOT BE A JERK. We're not about egos. We're about respect for each other as artists & community members. If you find yourself judging other artists for not being up to your level, please don't apply. 

We’re looking for good people who are excited to meet & network with fellow artists & tie our communities together.. Join us!

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be 21+ during the event (Sept. 10-15, 2020)

  • The ability to paint a mural within 4 days

  • If you are a duo/team, you’re welcome to apply on one application

  • Don't worry about your location, follower count, or how many murals you've painted. We want a diverse group of artists who bring unique flavor to this event.

  • Application Fee: As a nonprofit, this entire event is paid for by donated labor and FUNDRAISING! Every artist's pay is built from these entry contributions. There's a lot of work & cost in putting this on. Please know we appreciate your contributions to make this event stellar and our artists feel resepected. 


Costs and schedules:

Application fees increase each month, so apply early! 

March 2-30 : $20 USD

April 1-31  : $30 USD

May 1 : Applications officially close! 

May 21 : Artists are selected and notified

We will consider each and every application to curate a stellar, talented, diverse group of artists!



  • Location: You do not have to be from the US to apply. 

  • Duos/teams: We accept applications from duos. Please fill out one application for your duo with both of your information.

  • Experience Level: It’s okay if you haven’t painted many murals, just be honest on what we can expect.

  • Application Fee: application fees are nonrefundable. As a nonprofit organization, we cannot waive application fee.



    © 2020 by MIDxMIDWST Arts & Culture Initiative. 

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